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Fanny Karaman to Teach New Generation of French Tax Lawyers

On February 18-21, Fanny Karaman will return to her alma mater Faculté de Droit et de Sciences Politiques de l’Université de Rennes 1 in ‎Rennes, France, to share her knowledge and experience with a new generation of French tax lawyers enrolled in the LL.M. in Business Taxation, the Master 2 Droit Fiscal des Affaires.  

Fanny will teach a four-day seminar covering the foundations of U.S. international tax law. Topics will include Controlled Foreign Corporations, Passive Foreign Investment Companies, U.S. entity classification rules, new international tax provisions under U.S. tax reform, U.S. residency rules, and U.S. estate and gift tax rules.

The Master 2 Droit Fiscal des Affaires enables students to become sought-after tax lawyers. Students first receive in-depth training in the general taxation of companies under French law before preparing for the realities of an economic world without borders, learning various aspects of international taxation, in order to efficiently assist on cross-border business operations and wealth management.

Fanny joins a select group of speakers invited to contribute to the professionalism of the university’s students by sharing their technical expertise and real-world experience.