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Transfer Pricing - Bankruptcy Court Prevents I.R.S. from Pursuing Unsupported Transfer Pricing Claims; In Re: DeCoro USA, Limited, Debtor (2014 U.S.T.C. PAR 50,227)

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A recent decision by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Middle District North Carolina (the “Court”) provides interesting guidance on the practical application of U.S. transfer pricing rules. While one would not normally expect significant transfer pricing insight from a bankruptcy court, an I.R.S. claim for tax due caused the Court to apply U.S. tax transfer pricing rules in a surprisingly clear, concise and practical manner in order to determine the validity of the claim. In holding the claim invalid, the Court provided valuable guidance to taxpayers and the I.R.S. alike, finding that assertions of underpayment of tax in connection with the pricing of a controlled transaction must be based on the facts presented, rather than those imagined by the I.R.S.


The DeCoro Group was founded in 1997 by an Italian businessman whose goal was to produce high quality Italian leather furniture at affordable prices on a worldwide basis. In order to accomplish this, a Chinese manufacturing plant was purchased then expanded. Business management of the DeCoro Group was carried out by DeCoro Limited (“DCL”), a Hong Kong company. Strategic customer relationships with furniture retailers around the world were developed and maintained by DCL. Through a Chinese manufacturing facility, DCL was engaged in the manufacture and sale of high end leather furniture.