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Estate of Bartell Offers Taxpayer Relief in a Reverse Deferred §1031 Exchange

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By Rusudan Shervashidze and Nina Krauthamer

Many countries provide a tax deferral benefit for property gains through the form of a reinvestment reserve. Although U.S. tax law does not provide reserves, it does permit a taxpayer to participated in a three-party exchange of properties that may offer deferral benefits that are comparable to a reserve. Most three-party exchanges involve a sale as the first step and a reinvestment of proceeds as the second step, but in some instances, the reinvestment may occur before the sale. The I.R.S. position on these reverse exchanges is that several enumerated hurdles must be overcome before tax deferral is allowed. However, as one recent U.S. Tax Court case demonstrates, the I.R.S. view is not the last word. Rusudan Shervashidze and Nina Krauthamer explain the holding in the case, place it in context, and suggest that it may offer hope for reverse three-party exchanges that do not meet I.R.S. guidelines.    See more →