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New Regulations Imminent for Triangular Reorganizations and Inbound Nonrecognition Transactions

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By Fanny Karaman and Stanley C. Ruchelman

In Notice 2016-73, the I.R.S. announced that it intends to issue regulations preventing certain taxpayer abuses incident to triangular reorganizations involving foreign corporations. These are transactions in which a subsidiary is the acquisition vehicle and the shares used to acquire the target are shares of the parent company, hence the reference to a triangle. The Notice is another step in the saga of “Killer B” reorganizations in which U.S. corporations attempt to take cash out of foreign subsidiaries without paying significant U.S. tax. Transactions occurring in the past two years have been found to be abusive because they apply recently issued regulations in a way that was not intended at the time of publication. Fanny Karaman and Stanley C. Ruchelman explain the approach enunciated in the Notice.   See more →