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India – Guidelines Issued for Determining Place of Effective Management

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By Ashutosh Dixit, Parul Jain, and Kaushik Saranjame (guest authors)

In Circular No. 6/2017, dated January 24, 2017, the Central Board of Direct Taxes issued final guidelines regarding the factors that will be looked to under Indian income tax treaties when determining the place of effective management (“P.O.E.M.”) of a foreign company that is part of an Indian-based group. Almost as important as the substantive rules, the Circular establishes the procedure that must be followed before a tax officer may determine that the P.O.E.M. of a foreign company is in India. There are winners and there are losers in the Circular. Ashutosh Dixit, Parul Jain, and Kaushik Saranjame of BMR & Associates L.L.P. explain the new rules.   See more →