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Pancake Day – End to Permanent Non-Domicile Status and Charging Non-Doms I.H.T. on U.K. Residential Property

Volume 4 No 8    /    Read Article

By William Hancock and Daniel Simon (guest authors)

In July, the U.K. government announced that proposals removed from the Finance Bill that was announced in March would be reproposed with a retroactive effective date, as if adopted when originally proposed. This is bad news for non-domiciled individuals (“Non-Doms”) in general and for the estates of Non-Doms who died between March and the ultimate date of enactment. If retroactive effective dates remain in the bill, rights granted by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which were incorporated into U.K. law by the Human Rights Act 1998, could be violated. William Hancock and Daniel Simon of Collyer Bristow L.L.P. explain that Non-Doms should expect “too little jam and too little cream” on their pancakes if the provisions are enacted retroactively.    See more →