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How to Calculate Gain or Loss on Payables & Receivables Denominated in Nonfunctional Currency

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By Stanley C. Ruchelman and Elizabeth V. Zanet

If all currencies were pegged to one single standard and did not fluctuate in value among themselves, the concept of currency gain and loss would not be needed. However, no universal standard exists and major currencies tend to fluctuate. Consequently, a uniform method must be applied to identify the amount of a transaction when the conversion rate changes between a booking date and a payment date of a transaction denominated in a non-functional currency. In a recent International Practice Unit (“I.P.U.”), the LB&I Division of the I.R.S. provides a broad overview of how currency gains and losses are recognized for U.S. tax purposes. Elizabeth V. Zanet and Stanley C. Ruchelman examine the applicable rules in the I.P.U.    See more →