Our Services

Ruchelman P.L.L.C. provides a wide range of tax planning and legal services. Clients include non-U.S. individuals and foreign corporations operating or investing in the U.S., foreign financial institutions doing business in the U.S. through branches, and U.S. individuals, corporations, and financial institutions operating or investing abroad.

The core practice of the Firm focuses on cross-border transactions. This includes tax advice under the international provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, analysis and advice on U.S. inbound and outbound commercial and financial transactions, advice on transfer pricing matters, and representation before the I.R.S. Ruchelman P.L.L.C. also assists clients in addressing current international reporting and compliance issues such as F.A.T.C.A.

The Firm also routinely advises non-U.S. individuals and corporations investing in the U.S. on techniques to minimize or eliminate U.S. Federal, state, and local income, franchise, estate, gift, and other taxes. This inbound investment practice focuses on investment in U.S. real estate, whether for personal or business use, U.S. real estate mortgages, U.S. stocks and securities, and U.S. rights to intellectual property.  Read on →