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Corporate Matters: Shareholder Agreements

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In the first issue of our publication, we discussed the need and relative ease of preparing and entering into an agreement between partners and the consequences of not doing so. We used the recent case of Gelman v. Buehler 2013 NY Slip OP 01991 (March 26, 2013) to illustrate the sometimes expensive consequences of not documenting the initial agreements between partners. Following up on that, we thought it might be helpful to outline in broad terms what one should look for in a shareholders agreement.

While we have stated that it is relatively simple to prepare a shareholders agreement. Careful consideration still must be given to the contents of such an agreement, and it should be tailored to meet the needs of the parties involved. No two shareholders agreements are alike, and one size definitely does not fit all.

When one thinks of a shareholders agreement it is typically in the context of a corporation. Many of the same issues arise between partners when drafting a partnership agreement and members in a limited liability company operating agreement.


All of the shareholders should be correctly named and their percentage ownership in the entity set forth. All shareholders that are entities should be in good standing, and individuals should have their complete address inserted.