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Insights Vol. 3 No. 7: Updates & Other Tidbits

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By Galia Antebi, Fanny Karaman, and Kenneth Lobo

This month, “Tidbits” explores the following developments: (i) the extension of FinCEN reporting requirements by title companies involved in all-cash real estate transactions; (ii) a European Commission decision calling for Spain to recover over €30 million from seven Spanish soccer clubs that unlawfully received State Aid; (iii) other tax breaks involving Spain that are under consideration by the E.C.J. that could affect State Aid cases against U.S.-based companies; and (iv) new rules regarding the need to refresh I.T.I.N.’s issued to nonresident, non-citizen individuals. Kenneth Lobo, Fanny Karaman, and Galia Antebi discuss these developments.    See more →