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Additional Guidance on New Opportunity Zone Funds

Volume 6 No 1   |   Read Article

By Galia Antebi and Nina Krauthamer

Days after Galia Antebi and Nina Krauthamer published “The Opportunity Zone Tax Benefit – How Does It Work and Can Foreign Investors Benefit,” the I.R.S. issued guidance in proposed regulations. Now, in a follow-up article, Galia Antebi and Nina Krauthamer focus on the new guidance as it relates to the deferral election and the Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. In particular, they address (i) which taxpayers are eligible to make the deferral election, (ii) the gains eligible for deferral, (iii) the measurement of the 180-day limitation, (iv) the tax attributes of deferred gains, and (v) the effect of an expiration of a qualifying zone status on the step-up in basis to fair market value after ten years.  See more →