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Anti-Inversion Rules Are Not Just for Mega-Mergers – Private Client Advisors Take Note

Volume 4 No 11    /    Read Article

By Galia Antebi, Stanley C. Ruchelman, and Elizabeth V. Zanet

The U.S. has rules that attack inversion transactions, wherein U.S.-based multinationals effectively move tax residence to low-tax jurisdictions. If successful, these moves allow for tax-free repatriation of offshore profits to the inverted parent company based outside the U.S. However, the scope of the anti-inversion rules is broad and can also affect non-citizen, nonresident individuals who directly own shares of private U.S. corporations. Attempts to place those shares under a foreign holding company as an estate planning tool may find that the exercise is all for naught once the anti-inversion rules are applied. Elizabeth V. Zanet, Galia Antebi, and Stanley C. Ruchelman discuss the hidden reach of the anti-inversion rules to private structures.    See more →