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LB&I Audit Insights: Using a Code §6038A Summons When a U.S. Corporation is 25% Foreign Owned

Volume 4 No 4    |    Read Article

By Galia Antebi and Stanley C. Ruchelman

Code §6038A provides that a U.S. corporation that is 25% or more foreign-owned must provide the I.R.S. with information on certain transactions with its 25% foreign owner and any other foreign related party. The goal is to obtain access to documents that are helpful in determining the correctness of the U.S. tax return. In an I.P.U., LB&I explains how it plans to obtain documents held outside the U.S. This may include a requested exchange under a tax information exchange agreement or a summons served on a domestic agent appointed to receive a summons that is enforceable abroad. Galia Antebi and Stanley C. Ruchelman explain the process that will be followed by the I.R.S.    See more →