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Tax 101: Corporate Reorganizations Part II – Types C, D, E, & F

Continuing their series on the basic rules that must be met for a transaction to be treated as tax-free reorganization under U.S. tax law, Rusudan Shervashidze and Andrew P. Mitchel discuss practical mergers, acquisitive D-reorganizations, recapitalizations, and changes to the identity, form, or place of organization of a single corporation.

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Tax 101: How to Structure a Corporate Division

With all the brouhaha over the announced Alibaba spinoff by Yahoo!, Elizabeth V. Zanet explains the circumstances in which a corporate division – known as a demerger in many countries – can be achieved in a tax-free manner under U.S. tax law. The path is not easy as these divisions are the lone vestiges allowing tax-free corporate distributions of appreciated assets under U.S. tax law.

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