I.P. Contracts from a U.S. Tax Perspective

Video | The Impact of Disruptive Technologies: Blockchain

An international panel of lawyers discusses recent developments in blockchain technology and the implications for both law firms and their clients.

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  • Stephen Klein – Nextlaw/Dentons


  • Robert Juodka – Primus Derling – Lithuania
  • Duarte G Henriques – BCH Advogados – Portugal
  • Aram Orbelyan – Concern-Dialog Law Firm – Armenia
  • Joao Oliverio – Oliverio dal Fabbro – Brazil
  • Beate Erwin – Ruchelman PLLC – New York

Background: Read "Blockchain 101" from Insights

E.U. State Aid

Tax Planning for U.S. persons in Europe – Residency in Europe, Disclosure, Expatriation

Stanley C. Ruchelman and Beate Erwin attended the 2015 ITSG European Conference in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Ruchelman and Ms. Erwin participated on the panel “Problems of U.S. Person Living in Europe,” which addressed banks that close accounts of U.S. persons, coming into compliance with tax return and F.B.A.R. reports, and planning for expatriation.

In conjuction with the conference, Mr. Ruchelman also spoke on the “Common Reporting Standard in the E.U.”

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