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I.R.S. Rules Subpart F & P.F.I.C. Income Inclusions Are R.E.I.T. Qualifying Income

Volume 4 No 2    |    Read Article

By Philip R. Hirschfeld and Elizabeth V. Zanet

A R.E.I.T. is a tax-favorable investment entity used for investment in real estate and real estate mortgages. R.E.I.T.’s that invest in non-U.S. real estate often make such investments through foreign corporate entities that may be classified as C.F.C.’s or P.F.I.C.’s. Qualification as a R.E.I.T. requires the entity to meet certain income and passive asset tests designed to ensure that a R.E.I.T.’s gross income is largely composed of passive income related to real estate or real estate mortgage investments. In a recent private letter ruling, income from a R.E.I.T.’s ownership of C.F.C.’s and P.F.I.C.’s was determined to be passive investment income, thereby providing favorable treatment for the R.E.I.T. Elizabeth V. Zanet and Philip R. Hirschfeld explain the R.E.I.T. rules and the private letter ruling.   See more →