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Caveat Dominus: A Comparison of Post-Employment Entitlements in the U.S. and Italy When Executive Employment is Terminated Without Cause

Volume 4 No 8    /    Read Article

By George Birnbaum, Ariane Rauber, and Fabio Tavecchia (guest authors)

When companies expand business operations across the Atlantic Ocean, various cultural differences between the U.S. and Europe come to the fore. The most noticeable are found in the area of employment, and among those are expectations of the rights of employers, employees, and executives at the time of termination of employment. George Birnbaum of the Law Offices of George Birnbaum P.L.L.C. and Ariane Rauber and Fabio Tavecchia of Palmer Studio Legale compare and contrast employee rights in the U.S. and Italy.    See more →