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Employers in the Netherlands: Prepare for Changes to Labor and Dismissal Laws In 2020

Volume 6 No 6    |    Read Article

By Rachida el Johari and Madeleine Molster (guest authors)

In May, the Dutch Senate adopted the Labor Market in Balance Act designed to reduce the gap in legal protection and financial compensation between employment arrangements under fixed-term contracts and employment arrangements with indefinite term. The act provides greater rights on termination and, as a result, is unpopular with employers. It also aims to resolve some of the negative effects of an earlier amendment to the law that has been the subject of relentless criticism. Rachida el Johari and Madeleine Molster of Sagiure Legal, Amsterdam, explain the way Dutch labor law will affect termination rights for employees and suggest a path forward for management. This is another area of E.U. law in which companies will need to re-educate executives on proper patterns of behavior.   See more →