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Sale of a Partnership Interest by a Foreign Partner – Is Rev. Rul. 91-32 Based on Law or Administrative Wishes?

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By Stanley C. Ruchelman and Beate Erwin

The I.R.S. has a long history in misapplying U.S. tax rules applicable to a sale of a partnership interest. For U.S. tax purposes, a partnership interest is treated as an asset separate and apart from an indirect interest in partnership assets. In Rev. Rul. 91-32, the I.R.S. misinterpreted case law and Code provisions to conclude that gains derived by foreign investors in U.S. partnerships are subject to tax. No one thought the I.R.S. position was correct, but then, in a field advice to an agent setting up an adjustment, the I.R.S. publicly stated that the ruling was a proper application of U.S. law when issued and remains so today. The adjustment was challenged in the Tax Court, and the tax bar is eagerly awaiting a decision. Stanley C. Ruchelman and Beate Erwin examine the I.R.S. position, the string of losses encountered by the I.R.S. when challenged by taxpayers, and the Grecian Magnesite case awaiting decision.   See more →