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The Impact of Brexit on German Taxes for Private Clients and Nonprofit Organizations

Volume 6 No 4    |    Read Article

By Dr. Andreas Richter (guest author)

American business executives responsible for regional operations in Europe often see different approaches to problem solving in terms of cultural differences between various European countries. It can be said that British colleagues often continue to rethink decisions even after solutions are adopted, and German colleagues focus on engineering a unified approach to reach the best solution to the matter at hand. These cultural characteristics seem to have manifested in the different ways Parliament in the U.K. and the Bundestag in Germany are addressing Brexit. Parliament continues to debate whether, when, and how to implement Brexit, while the Bundestag has enacted several laws to address how a hard or soft Brexit will affect various aspects of German tax law. Dr. Andreas Richter of P+P Pöllath + Partners, Berlin and Frankfurt, provides the reader with an overview of the German tax consequences to be anticipated from a U.K. departure from the E.U. – with or without a formal Brexit agreement.    See more →