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High-Speed Tax Reform: The U.K. Diverted Profits Tax & Restrictions on Corporate Interest Deductions

Volume 4 No 6    /    Read Article

By Eloise Walker and Penny Simmons (guest authors)

Among the most notable changes made to U.K. corporate tax over the past 24 months are the introduction of the diverted profits tax (“D.P.T.”) and the reduction of tax relief for corporate interest payments. D.P.T. is aimed at multinationals operating in the U.K. that try to avoid maintaining a permanent establishment in order to escape U.K. corporate tax. D.P.T. is imposed at the rate of 25% and treaty relief is not available. The reduction in relief for corporate interest payments implements the recommendations of B.E.P.S. Action 4. Eloise Walker and Penny Simmons of Pinsent Masons, London, explain the working of these provisions.   See more →