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Foreign Owned, Single-Member L.L.C.’s: Proposed Regulations Imminent?

Volume 3 No 4   /   Read Article

By Galia Antebi and Rusudan Shervashidze

The offshore community often accuses the I.R.S. of having insufficient U.B.O. reporting for offshore companies forming single-member L.L.C.’s that serve as U.S. fronts for global business. The L.L.C. conducts business, but the I.R.S. treats the taxpayer as foreign. If no effectively connected income is generated, no U.S. tax returns are filed. The I.R.S. announced that information reporting will be required, much like partnership reporting by U.S. partnerships not having U.S. members or U.S. effectively connected income. Galia Antebi and Rusudan Shervashidze explain.  See more →