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Tax 101: Foreign Settlors, U.S. Domestic Trusts, and U.S. Taxation

Volume 3 No 7    |    Read Article

By Fanny Karaman, Stanley C. Ruchelman, and Kenneth Lobo

Non-U.S. tax advisers to high net worth individuals are familiar, to some degree, with U.S. tax rules involving trusts, settlors, and beneficiaries. While they may know that a grantor trust allows for income to be taxed to a grantor, they are not always conversant with the differences between U.S. income tax rules for grantors and the U.S. gift and estate tax rules that cause trust property to be included in the taxable estates of trust settlors. Fanny Karaman, Kenneth Lobo, and Stanley C. Ruchelman explore the way these rules exist side by side – highlighting the differences, in the context of a nonresident, non-citizen settlor establishing a U.S. domestic trust for the benefit of an adult U.S. child wishing to acquire an apartment in the U.S.    See more →