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Changes to C.F.C. Rules – More C.F.C.’s, More U.S. Shareholders, More Attribution, More Compliance

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By Neha Rastogi, Sheryl Shah, and Elizabeth V. Zanet

T.C.J.A. changes to the Subpart F rules have the effect of deconstructing cross-border arrangements structured to prevent the creation of a C.F.C. A change to constructive ownership rules may cause all foreign members of a foreign-based group to be treated as C.F.C.’s for certain reporting purposes merely because the group includes a member in the U.S. A change to the definition of a U.S. Shareholder of a C.F.C. makes the value of shares owned as important as voting power in determining whether a U.S. person is a U.S. Shareholder and a foreign corporation is a C.F.C. The 30-day requirement for a C.F.C. to be owned by a U.S. Shareholder before Subpart F applies has been eliminated. In some instances, the changes are retroactive to the 2017 tax year. Neha Rastogi, Sheryl Shah, Beate Erwin, and Elizabeth V. Zanet explain and provide a case study that ties everything together.    See more →