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U.K. Drops Changes to Non-Domicile Regime, But Likely Not for Long

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By Gary Ashford (guest author)

After months of H.M.R.C. consultation, a new regime was put in place for non-domiciled U.K.-resident individuals (“Non-Doms”) on April 6, 2017, only to see the legislation pulled from Finance Bill 2017 on April 25. The snap election in the U.K. put consideration of Non-Dom taxation on hold when 72 of the 135 clauses were removed from the bill. This allowed Parliament to approve the legislation in two hours. Gary Ashford of Harbottle Lewis, London, summarizes the short-lived provisions and those that failed to be enacted on April 6. The proposed regime remains a work in process, and enacting legislation could be back on the table as early as this fall.    See more →