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U.K. Requirement to Correct

Volume 5 No 6    /    Read Article

By Gary Ashford (guest author)

The “Requirement to Correct” (“R.T.C.”) rules for offshore tax affairs in the U.K. threaten steep penalties if noncompliant taxpayers at April 5, 2017, do not take action to correct the relevant noncompliance by September 30, 2018. In a detailed look at the R.T.C. rules, Gary Ashford of Harbottle & Lewis L.L.P., London, explains the ins and outs of the provisions, including (i) the definition of offshore noncompliance, (ii) covered taxes, (iii) penalties, (iv) the reasonable cause defense, (v) disqualified advice that cannot be reasonable cause, (v) the method that must be followed to implement a valid correction, (vi) the statute of limitations, and (vi) recent guidance from H.M.R.C. regarding last minute notifications by noncompliant taxpayers. The final date for completing a correction is December 29, 2018. See more →