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An American In London: Due Diligence Observations

Volume 4 No 10    /    Read Article

By Nick Magone (guest author)

Performing due diligence on private companies for a potential merger or acquisition has been described as an exercise in educated guessing. The quality of the target’s financial information, potential hidden liabilities, financing, and similar deficiencies may result in a valuation that is neither straightforward nor reliable. When the target is abroad, the culture, language, and business norms may cause the educated guess to be more guess and less educated. Knowing how to overcome this dilemma is a skill set that can be obtained only through experience. Nick Magone, founder of Magone & Company, P.C., in Roseland, New Jersey, shares his experiences in performing due diligence on potential target companies in the U.K. His advice? Numbers are only the beginning.    See more →