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O.E.C.D. Receives Public Comments on Proposed Changes to the Model Tax Convention

Volume 4 No 10    |    Read Article

By Beate Erwin and Stanley C. Ruchelman

In August, the O.E.C.D. released public comments on proposed changes to the Model Tax Convention. Beate Erwin and Stanley C. Ruchelman examines the suggestions received by the O.E.C.D. and provides observations on the interplay between the O.E.C.D. proposed changes and existing U.S. approaches to these issues. Areas covered include whether competent authority agreements can define undefined terms thereby removing the interpretation from local courts, whether a limitation on benefits (“L.O.B.”) clause or a principle purpose test (“P.P.T.”) is the better approach to limit treaty shopping, and whether a home that is leased to others can be a permanent home for purposes of applying the residence tiebreaker provision in a treaty.    See more →