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Swiss Federal Council Opens Consultation Process on Tax Proposal 17

Volume 4 No 10    |    Read Article

By Reto Heuberger, Stephan Oesterhelt, and Martin Schenk (guest authors)

When Swiss voters rejected the Corporate Tax Reform Act III (“C.T.R. III”) in a referendum on February 12, 2017, Swiss tax reform was not derailed, only delayed. Events that took place in September have moved the process forward. Existing cantonal tax privileges will be abolished, as agreed with the E.U., and replaced by mandatory introduction of a patent box regime in all cantons, voluntary introduction of additional deductions for research and development (“R&D”) expense, and a step-up in basis of hidden reserves created under the old tax regimes or before immigration to Switzerland. Reto Heuberger, Stefan Oesterhelt, and Martin Schenk of Homburger AG, Zurich, explain the most important aspects of these and other aspects of T.P. 17.    See more →