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Reflections on My 66 Years in Public Accounting

Volume 6 No 5    |    Read Article

By Arthur J. Radin (guest author)

Periodically in life, one comes across an individual who is best described as follows: He or she “gets it.” Difficult to describe analytically, in the tax world, the term means that (i) in solving technical problems, the person focuses the material, leaving the immaterial to others; (ii) in making decisions, the person can separate the important from the unimportant; and (iii) in advising others on the impact of a new accounting rule or provision of tax law, the person can digest the complex and explain it in a series of simple sentences. Often, the individual is self-effacing. Arthur J. Radin was all of the above. He passed away in April. In his memory, we are pleased to republish an article written for the CPA Journal describing the way professional accounting changed during his 60-year career and, more importantly, the way the world changed. Arthur will be missed.    See more →