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Israeli C.F.C. Rules Apply to Foreign Real Estate Companies Controlled by Israeli Shareholders

Volume 6 No 8    |    Read Article

By Daniel Paserman (guest author)

Controlled foreign corporation (“C.F.C.”) laws are all the rage with parliaments around the world. Israel is no exception. Israeli shareholders controlling offshore companies that derive low-tax passive income and gains can be taxed in Israel even though no dividend is received. A recent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court addresses a fundamental question in this area. Is passive income determined on a groupwide basis or on a company-by-company basis? The answer affects Israeli residents owning a chain of C.F.C.’s when an intermediary company in the chain sells shares of an operating subsidiary. Daniel Paserman, who leads the tax group at Gornitzky & Co., Tel-Aviv, explains the holding in Tax Assessor for Large Enterprises v. Rosebud. Israeli residents may not like the answer.   See more →